This afternoon I went to the dealer to pick up my Zoe! I just returned home. In a Clio.

My Zoe was uncooperative. She didn’t want to know anything about SD cards or USB sticks fed to her. She just kept saying that there were no SD cards. Not even the SD card with the juicy TomTom HD traffic Live data that most cars just looooove.

The dealer then decided they would keep her to teach her some manners. The factory people apparently haven’t been good parents to her, as obedience clearly wasn’t part of her upbringing. Now the dealer is educating her on the proper etiquette when interacting with her owner.

I did notice however that they hadn’t been feeding her properly. Her belly was only half full and perhaps she was angry at the dealer people and decided to be obnoxious.

Whatever the reason, let’s hope she is a quick learner.


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