The people from the dealer phoned at 15:30 that she had successfully completed here etiquette classes and I could pick her up tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow? I can’t wait that long, I can leave from work immediately and arrive there within the hour! The dealer people agreed. I hurried in the fossil Clio from the office to the dealer and happily tossed the keys to the girl behind the counter, never hoping to have to go through another such experience again.

The dealer people patiently explained the functions of her touch screen and she made acquaintance with my phone, greedily absorbing all the numbers of my friends and other people I know and incorporated them into her systems. I thought that was a good sign.

Then it was time for me to take her to her new home. I seated myself behind the wheel, pressed the start button and she dazzled me with her colourfoul screens as if she was delighted to see me. She was all charged up to go. When I pressed her go pedal, she responded instantly with a soft, almost inaudible whir and an immediate response. She obeyed my every command, slower, faster, left, right, warmer, cooler. I parked her in front of what would be her home for the next three years, and took the little book inside that the factory people provided and explains how she wants to be treated.

Then, at 21:00 it was time to feed her. I opened the door where the feeding cable goes in and connected the other side to the special wall charger. It showed a white light, then a reassuring green. Luckily all was ok. For 3 seconds. Then the green light turned into a blinking red light! Alarm! Was she still angry? Was she disappointed that I have no garage and she would have to spend the next three years outside, in the cold, heat, snow, wind, rain? Or was she simply trying to show me who is boss? She said on her screen: ‘Check in progress..’, but that did not help me a lot. I waited. I shut off the power and back on. I disconnected and reconnected the cable. No change. How was to arrive at work the next day? I was getting really worried.

I phoned for help to the wall charger people from Essent. Even though it was well outside office hours, a very friendly man answered the phone and that helped me calm down a bit. He heard my problem and said he would alert the mechanic. The mechanic rang me within three minutes. He was the same man who installed the wall charger last Friday. After hearing the symptoms he thought he knew what was wrong. The cable entering the wall charger from behind through the wall is, as I told before, very thick and rigid. Right inside the wall charger, it has to make a sharp bend, otherwise it prevents a small latch from flipping. That latch is for securing the plug so it can not be removed while my Zoe is feeding. He suggested I opened the wall charger and tried to make the curve in the cable a bit tighter. I followed his instructions and tried to charge again. Now the green light turned to blue and my Zoe was accepting the charge. Three hoorays and a couple of more thanks for the Essent people!

I hope she did not feel that I thought badly of her. That I blamed her for this problem. And if she does find out (I just hope she doesn’t read this blog), maybe she can forgive me.

Here she is (the image is not really flattering, another thing I hope she doesn’t find out about…)

Zoe first contact


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