Love and happiness and sunshine

Zoe in her very special parking spotMy Zoe gave me much fun today. She brought me to work in the morning and I did not push her to drive fast. About 95 km/h was enough. I was a bit worried. There is a condition called ‘range anxiety’ and I had a mild case of it because my Zoe and me, we don’t know each other very well yet. My office is 50 km away, with 13 km of city/rural roads and 37 km of motorway. When I arrived at the office, she still had 63% of her battery full. I parked her at a very special spot where the pavement was painted green with a big white drawing of a plug in the middle. And there was a charger. She felt very important because she knew the office people made this nice place especially for her.

I connected her to the charger, but she couldn’t get any electricity because the charger would not give it. I went inside to the office people and they gave me a white card with a red heart (the charger is called ‘LoveToLoad’) and when I presented the card to the charger, it allowed my Zoe to charge. It was all love and happiness and the sun was shining and it was a very good day. I almost gave my Zoe a hug, but at the last moment I remembered that there were perhaps other office people that were seeing me through the window and they would think funny of me. It is not normal for humans to hug a car.

When I went home in the afternoon I could tell immediately that my Zoe felt good. She rolled though traffic silently and swiftly. I could see all the other cars around me through her mirrors and windows, and it gave me confidence to move through traffic. It was a hot summer day but she gave me a lot of cool air and it was very comfortable. I felt like a king on my high throne because there is a battery under the seat and therefore it is very high. I looked down on all the other people in their fossil cars. I pushed the go pedal as far as I could because I had no more ‘range anxiety’. The number ‘141’ appeared on the screen in front of me. But not more than that. And it was very silent inside and if I had closed my eyes, I would have thought we were going 100 km/h. But I did not close my eyes because the other cars were only a few meters away.

The silence was very enjoyable because I listened to music from the USB disk that I had inserted into the designated slot. She recognized all the songs (they were .ogg files) and I could listen to all my favourite music by simply touching the title on the screen. I was all very easy and it sounded good too. Much better than all the other cars that I had owned.

Even though I wanted her to go fast, 100-135 km/h, we arrived with 60% of the electricity still in the battery. She is now charging at 9 kW because I want to go to the beach tonight for some walking. It is best to always leave with a full battery. You can tell she feels hot, because she has switched on one of her fans while while she is charging. The weather is warm (27° C) and probably the brisk drive home raised her internal temperature even more. The sound is clearly audible but not loud. At the other side of the garden fence you can hardly hear it. And it is the sound of air blowing, not a hum or whine, so it is not irritating.


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