No love from ZE connect – continued

I went to the dealership this afternoon to have the autolocking beep turned off. Took the opportunity to ask the salesman in person about the status of my ZE connect account.

The Renault customer service rep is not a friendly person and sounds as if I am bothering him. He never gave me any piece of useful information, just defensive language to keep me in the dark as much as possible. Never any feedback, not by phone, nor by e-mail. When I told the salesman at the dealership how displeased I was with Renault’s handling of this incident, he basically ignored my comment, almost reacted like it was nothing extraordinary. Very telling. 

Then he phoned Renault about the status of my issue. Renault Netherlands had sent the issue over to Renault France to resolve. They expect an answer within a few days. Yeah, right.

So after more than a week I still can not control my vehicle from my phone and monitor charging progress, start climate control, see trip data, charging sessions, etc. ZE connect is one of the main selling points of the Zoe and Renault seems unable to give me a friggin’ login account to use this service! The level of incompetence is breathtaking.



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