Petrol station owners fail to stop charging stations

Just in, some good news.

When Fastned made public their intent to deploy a few hundred EV fast charging stations alongside petrol stations along the Dutch motorways, the petrol station owners were quick to file a lawsuit. They have been granted a contractual monopoly until 2024 to sell ‘fuels’ on those locations. They thought electricity (for powering cars) would be covered by the definition of ‘fuel’. The judge thought differently, at one point asking: “If cars could run on water, would you claim a monopoly on operating a tap?”

It is at this moment unknown whether the petrol station owners will appeal.


One Comment on “Petrol station owners fail to stop charging stations”

  1. Juan says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ive been reading most of it, is fun and interesting. Im also a electricity fan although I only own an electric bicycle. Please keep updating your blog. Thank you

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