ZE connect, finally some action

My first experience with ZE connect wasn’t all that great. But this morning I finally got some usable information. When I woke up, I opened the ZE connect app and could follow the the status of my battery with half hour updates. Really neat:



And this was the status I got after plugging in at work. It shows the car as not being plugged in, but it certainly was, I made 100% sure of that. So while the updates are cool, they are not reliable.


To get you some up-to-date information, there is a button somewhere in the app to request that. But I have had very little success using it. Most of the times I get this vague, ambiguous message:

Vague and ambiguous error

It reveals that the programmers at Renault throw useful information in the bit bucket, and then present one generic error message to their customers, leaving them to figure out what the real reason is.

Shortly before leaving to home, I decided to try out the ‘Charge now’ function. This sms was the result:

Charging unsuccessful

Translation: “Charging the car could not start. Communication failed, car disconnected or charging already”. Kudos to Renault for being consitent: they consistently leave their customers in the dark by offering nothing helpful, just a bunch of suggestions. Figure it out yourself!

A second attempt to start charging was successful. But the unreliability makes this function a gimmick, not something you can rely on.


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