Back from holiday

A week ago I arrived back home from a two week vacation. I was happy to see my Zoe still parked in the same place where I left her.

The experts tell me that it is best to store a lithium battery with about half a charge. So I left her with 62% charge. When I started her, she still showed she had a 60% charge. So there is almost no self-discharge of or vampire drain on the traction battery.

What I did notice though is how badly aligned the door sill is at the driver’s side. It is protruding by more than a cm. See the picture below. On that same side, the front and rear doors aren’t perfectly aligned too, bu that is more like a few mm. I hope they can correct these things.

Also, Tomtom lost connectivity and reports it can’t get an internet connection. That means I have no HD live traffic information which is quite important if you commute in the Amsterdam area. I will visit the garage for both issues in the coming week or so.Zoe door sill misalignment


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