Two records in one week

Today my Zoe carried me for 142 km without needing a charge. That is a record (for me). The weather was good today, both temperature and wind were moderate (13-18° C, 3 bft).   According to her GoM (battery indicator) she could go for another 19 km. The trajectory was mostly motorway, about 80%. I usually kept the right lane at a speed of 90-95 km/h (on the speedo). The accessories consumed 0.7 kWh. This is my scorecard for today:

142 km single charge

I broke another record too this week: highest consumption. It was night and the wind was strong, my Zoe had to struggle against an 8 beaufort. She was very brave! But it cost her a lot of energy: 20.9 kWh/100 km (70% motorway). Usually I get around 15-17 kWh/100 km. I kept the cruise control at 98 km/h on the motorway, occasionally going a bit faster to pass a truck. I arrived home with only 17% battery capacity remaining (21 km on the GoM). It makes me curious for the winter with the cold increasing consumption even more and decreasing battery capacity. But how much will the cold affect range? I can hardly wait.


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