Wall charger malfunction

This afternoon my wall charger broke down. I had plugged in my Zoe and she was charging. I interrupted the charging process with the key operated switch on the charger (so without actually unplugging) and started again an hour later or so. The the red light on the wall charger came on. So I went through the routine of unplugging, switching on and off etc. To no avail.

Then I inspected the plug and saw there was a clump of mud that had entered one of the pins. I assumed that was impeding a good contact. And so I sat down to clean things up. It cost me a dozen cotton tips, but everything was clean as a whistle. I switched on the wall charger, the white light came on. I inserted the plug and the light immediately turned red. I didn’t even have to insert the plug all the way. And I didn’t even have to connect my Zoe. Just inserting one end of the cable tripped the wall charger.

So I drove to a nearby public charging station to see if she would charge there and she did. This suggests the wall charger is the problem and not the cable. I will call the service company tomorrow to see if they can fix things.


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